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The way we search for a job has changed!
Give yourself the inside tips and extensive interviewing guidelines to succeed in your job search and interview

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Be Prepared with  strategies to:

       Organize your job search
       Submit yourself effectively to obtain an interview
       Discover new job interview tips that differentiate You
       Successfully flow through an interview with confidence
       Negotiate the salary you want
       Review and accept job offers

Read the December  issue of
Employment Marketplace Magazine
and Diane Skullr's article
August 2011 Issue (.pdf)

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Jump start or re-start
your job search.
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Job Seekers are currently experiencing the most competitive job market in
recent history.  You do not want to be "just another applicant".  
You need to STAND OUT!

Infoployment has several comprehensive
programs for you to choose from.  

Learn intelligent answers to interview questions!
Discover secrets to branding yourself!
Find innovative solutions for planning!
Give yourself the confidence you need to "SELL" your unique qualities.

Develop the skills and confidence you need to Succeed NOW!

Let Infoployment show you the right path to success!
How could you be good at something that you have little to
no experience with?  Sure, everyone can get though an interview, but can you
do it well enough to compete effectively and get the job offer??
I want you to get a
great job.  

There is some really
great information here
- used by recruiters -
to get their
candidates hired.

Tell a friend that you
got great tips from

Sign-up today!
~Diane Skullr
Diane Skullr, Founder & CEO
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Your job search strategy resulting
in more interviews and
Your new interview techniques
resulting in more job offers!
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