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Where Job Seekers Go
We have seen the market change and change back again, more than once.  
We know what it takes to interview well and it is our goal to offer you
all the tools and resources that you need to Get Hired.
Straight Answers Interview Success Manual for 99ers - On Your HONOR, we will send you the Manual NOW and you Pay Later!
Straight Answers
Interview Success Manual
        Organization -  What to bring to the interview
        Preparing For the Face-to-Face Interview
        The Interview Overview
        The 6 Intangibles that could get you hired.
        If you don’t have the offer, you don’t have a choice!
        Take Good Care of Yourself Physically
        Are You Really Interviewing Them?
        When to ask questions in the Interview
        Typical Interview Questions and Answers
        Illegal Interview Questions
        Commonly Asked questions
        Interview Q&A
        What is the best day and time to go on a job interview?
        The Mealtime Interview
        Meeting potential co-workers
        Handshaking 101
        A few Interviewing Do’s
        Things NOT to do IN an interview
        Behavioral Interview Preparation
        Determining Your Pay Rate
Salary Negotiations
        Ending the Interview
        No Questions Asked!
        Send a Thank You note after a Job Interview
        The Offer
        Rejection
        Accepting the Offer
        20 Job Search Websites
You Get All This!
The world of job search and job interviews has changed.  
Nothing is as it once was.  The techniques are evolving too and what used to be effective conversation
during a job interview does not work well at all anymore.  

You already know that there is some level of skill and training necessary to be successful in
your career.  But no one ever talks about what skills and training are needed for the interview.   
Before now, not much thought has been given to the process and progression of the job interview?  
Read Now, Pay later
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Every person that interviews meets the basic
requirements of the position.  So, in addition to meeting
those requirements, you need to
ace the interview.   

anymore and are just a baseline of what you have to offer.
What does it take
to get the job offer?

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A Job Search and Interview Information Services Company
Eliminate Your Job Search Frustration!
  • Designing a Job Search Plan
  • Job Search Weekly Review Checklist
  • Using a Professional Email Address
  • What Exactly IS Business Casual?
  • Wardrobe & Hygiene For All!
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Over 85 Pages of Content
Information that you can use
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This Page is for
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How This Works:
   3 Easy Steps
We don't believe that your
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We do believe that you are
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A 99er is someone
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