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                             What IS Business Casual?

Rule #1:
Do not dress business casual for an interview unless specifically asked to do so.  Never
assume that dressing casual for an interview is appropriate based on any information that has
not been given to you directly by someone with the authority to hire you.

Business casual is clean, crisp and neat.  It is not cocktail party or picnic attire.  It
is not shopping-at-the-mall attire.  Avoid clothes that are too tight or too baggy.
Business casual is classic rather than trendy

You are not trying to stand out for your cutting edge look, but for your good
judgment in a business environment.  Every interview is always in a business
environment regardless of the actual physical location.

Don't confuse club attire with business casual attire. If you would wear it to an
evening out with friends, you probably shouldn't wear it in an interview.  

It is not jeans, ever. Khaki pants similar to Dockers brand and a long-sleeved,
front buttoned, solid colored shirt, neatly pressed is appropriate for both men and
women.  Unwrinkled golf shirts, pull over shirts and short sleeved buttoned shirts
may also be an appropriate choice
if you know in advance that the interview will
be held outdoors or in a very hot location
and that everyone including the
interviewer will be dressed very casual.

If your pants have belt loops, wear a leather belt and leather shoes.  Business
casual is not gym shoes aka sneakers aka athletic shoes aka tennis shoes.  

Everything you wear should be clean, well pressed, and not show any signs of
age or wear.   Cut any loose strings.  

If you are overdressed at an interview, it is OK.  Only if someone mentions it, reply
with a statement about your respect for the company and that you want this
position.  Otherwise, say nothing.  Being dressed professionally for an interview is
never wrong.  You only get one chance to make a great first impression.
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