Your email address is a very important part of your job search campaign.   Your email
address is an opportunity to promote your brand – who you are!

Set up a specific email account for your job search use ONLY.   There are many
resources for free accounts including Yahoo and Google’s Gmail.  I recommend using
your just your first and last name as your email address.  
For example: (or .net, etc.) or (or .net, etc.).

Use this email address on all your documents, social networks, and online applications.   

Email communication – when sending an email (or any correspondence) to prospective
employers, be very careful of your spelling.  Do NOT spell the hiring mangers name
wrong.  Do NOT spell the company name wrong.  Also, do not use backgrounds, graphics
or audio unless they are specific to the position you are applying for.

Most email programs have a way for you to set up an email signature.  This will
automatically be added to the end of every email that you send.  If you can have an email
signature, I recommend that you use a standard font, such as Arial, Georgia, Verdana or
Calibri.  Use an 11pt font size for general content.   Your email signature should include:
You name
Your telephone number
Your cell phone number
Your job search email address
If you have a quality LinkedIn profile, you may add that too.


You get it… nothing fancy, nothing personal, nothing funny, nothing negative.
Sports teams may seem OK, but many people are “true” fans of an opposing team and
you do not want to be eliminated over a team loyalty.
Your professional, job seeker email address should be neutral and simple.


Use your real name.  You can get free email addresses from several internet providers.
Also, check with your internet service provider (ISP) at home.  Most often, your internet
connectivity package includes at least one free email address.    

Try to use a .com or .net address.  Those are the most common and employers will not
have to try to figure out how to reach you.
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