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Keep in mind while you are interviewing, both you and the potential employer are evaluating
each other to see if you both are a good fit together.  

BUT, regardless of the circumstances, you should always interview at your best and try to get
the offer.  If you later decide to turn down the position, then you decided.  It is far better to get
the offer and have the power to decide, then to relinquish that power to the potential employer.

In a sense, you do have power over the interview, you have some control. What you say and
do determines if you get eliminated from consideration.  That is what you have control over.  If
you don’t want the position, you won’t get it.   

So, when interviewing the company, do not over-step your bounds.  Don’t ask questions that
are all about what you get if they hire you.  Questions about salary, bonuses, vacation time,
etc. should be left out of the interview.  The questions you should be asking are about the
position itself and what would make for a successful employee.  You want to be sure that this
is a job that you could excel at.

They are interviewing you to see if you are a going to be an asset to their company.  You are
pointing out all the ways that you will benefit the company.  This is NOT about you and your
needs.  The interview is about their needs.

When to ask questions in the Interview

One of the biggest problems with traditional interviews is that your chance to ask questions
usually comes at the end of the interview.   The trick is to get your questions answered
throughout the interview.   Stop thinking that you are interviewing to get hired.  You are
interviewing to get the job offer.  Start thinking about how you can show the interviewer that
hiring you will be a benefit for both you and the company.   Understand that an interview is a
conversation designed to determine whether it makes sense for you and the company to work

How do I do that?  How do I get the information I need without making the interviewer feel
that I am taking control?  

Deciding exactly when to ask your questions can be tricky.  Timing is everything.  Does the
interviewer seem comfortable or tense, soft spoken or forceful, formal or casual? These
signals will help you to judge the best time to ask your questions.   I recommend that you wait
until after the interviewer has described the position or the company.

        Ask open ended questions
        Ask position related questions, not questions about your needs
        Ask about and resolve any questions the interviewer may have about you
        A great time to ask a questions is immediately after you have given a great answer

Always save a question for last.  Be ready with a question that shows that you have been paying attention, that you are a good fit and that you are interested in the position.  Such as: ‘I
am very interested in this position and I believe that I will be a good fit because __________,
___________& ________.  When do you expect to be making a decision?’   Fill in the
__________, ___________& ________ with the skills or responsibilities the interviewer
stressed as being very important.

Questions That You Can Ask

        What are the day-to-day expectations and responsibilities?
        Please describe a typical work day
        What would make that person a "superstar"?
        How can I help you to meet the goals that your manager expects from you?  
        What's the one thing I could do on the job that would benefit you the most?
        I think the experience I have is the kind of experience you are looking for, isn't it?
        What is the best thing and the worst thing about this position?
        Find out what the next steps are in their interview process.
        Is this a new position or am I replacing someone?
        Can you tell me about the person who had this job before me?

Questions That You Should NOT Ask
        What are the benefits?
        How soon until the medical insurance kicks in?
        Will you be able to pay me what I am asking?
        What other jobs are you hiring for?
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