“The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is
too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it.”  
- Michelangelo
It all comes down
to YOU!

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The Circle of ‘Employment’ Life
~ Diane Skullr, CTS, CSP, CERS

Employers won’t hire you because
you need a job

Employers hire employees who
can solve the employer’s problems

Solving the employer’s problems
gives you a job and a career.
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The world of job search and job interviews has changed.  
Nothing is the same as it once was.  
The techniques are evolving and what used to be effective job interview conversation
does not work very well anymore

This is why you need to read this series of articles, guides as I refer to them.  
Each guide in the
iPrep in Pieces series will discuss topics specific
to the job search and to job interviews.

You have instant access to each one.

On Demand
As you need them and When you need them.

For a Limited Time, Most guides are FREE.  
Others cost no more than $7.00.  

Everyone needs to learn the new rules;
Your job search is not about you anymore.  

You want to learn what works to get you hired now.  
This is what iPrep in Pieces will do for you.  
Select from the list of topics on the left and
read the guides specific to your personal needs.

You've heard the cliché, “Finding a full time job is a full time job”.
What does that mean and is that still true?
We will explore several traditional ideas and point out which ones
still work and which ones have been changed.

You already know that there is some level of skill and training necessary to be
successful in your career.   But no one ever talks about what skills and training are
needed for the job search.   Before now, not much thought has been given to the
process of the job interview?  
What does it take to get the job offer?

Here it is!
According to career coaches everywhere, people should plan for at least
a month of searching for every $12,000 to $15,000 they want to earn.  
That time is significantly reduced for people who have been trained to interview.  
So, congratulate yourself on taking the first and necessary
step to shorten that time frame for yourself.

Just as you already have many of the skills you need to be
good in your career, at the job you are looking to be hired for,
you also already possess many of the skills needed to interview well.  

The training and orientation of the iPrep in Pieces guides will highlight
those skills and show you how to use them to get job offers.  
These guides will also teach you the tricks and techniques used
by recruiters that get their candidates hired.  

This iPrep in Pieces program was developed by Diane Skullr,
one of only a few Certified Employee Retention Specialists in the U.S.  
"A company considers a new employee to be a good hire when
that employee is a committed and productive employee."
Ms. Skullr

It is the goal of every hiring authority,
to find that committed and productive employee.  

What are you doing to help that company to meet that goal?
Why should they hire you?

Let’s start with a little bit about hiring authorities.  
These are the people that you will meet who have an opinion in the hiring process.  
You need to know that hiring authorities are under a lot of pressure to hire right the 1st
time.   Regardless of the volume of candidates that have applied, their job is to select
the best fit for their company at the least possible expense.  

Let me repeat this because it is critical:
Hiring Authorities need to select the best qualified candidate
for their company at the least possible expense.  

Not hiring right the 1st time is not good for the company
and it is not good for you.

iPrep in Pieces guides give you the information needed for
a successful job search and interview.   With focus and attention on the skills you
already have, you will learn to use them to your advantage.  
You will also be learning new skills.  
Together, these job search steps form a process.

This Process Can Get YOU Hired!

Infoployment has a more extensive iPrep training program and One-on-One counseling
available too.  These programs work well for those needing small class sizes, face to
face instruction and for job seekers who need individual attention.   
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