_____ How many resumes did you mail/email?

_____ How many company websites did you post your resume on?

_____ How many telephone calls did you make to follow-up on the resumes that
you sent in previous weeks?

_____ How many resume follow-up letters did you send?

_____ How many companies did you research?

_____ How many networking events did you attend?

_____ How many job fairs did you attend?

_____ Did you identify any new job lead resources?

_____ How many interviews with prospective employers did you have?

_____ How many interviews with prospective employers did you schedule?

_____ Did you revise your resume to fit the job descriptions of the positions you
applied for?

_____ Did you register with any additional search/staffing firms?

As you can see, it still is a full time job to get a job.   You need to spend every day
in the activities that will put you in front of as many potential employers as possible
and check and double check the quality of everything the potential employer sees
or hears about you.  

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