Your personal style is extremely important in helping you to stand out from the crowd.   This is
Once you have begun your job search be aware of your wardrobe at all times, even at the
grocery store.   There is always a possibility that you may meet someone whose influence can
help you secure a new position.  

Buy at least 2 or 3 professional outfits to wear for interviews ONLY and keep them clean,
pressed and ready at all times.  You need to be ready for the last minute request for an
interview.   If you cannot buy multiple outfits, put together the “perfect” outfit and wear it over and
over.  Unless you have a second interview with the same company, no one will know that you
wore that outfit yesterday.  One good suit that can be changed up with different shirts and

Dress for the position that you are applying for.  A new trendy company means dressing in a
trendy outfit.  A traditional company will require you to dress conservatively.   In most cases,
being fashionable is not as important as being meticulous.   A detailed consideration of your
appearance will create a positive image that will help in adding credibility to your statements
during the interview.

o        In most situations, it is better to be dressed in dark, solid colors.
o        Select fabrics that are wrinkle-free

The following is a list of some of the most common mistakes... yes, common.  It seems that these
should be obvious and common sense, yet when it happens more frequently that it should.  Not
knowing you, I can’t say which of these could pertain to you.  The point is your awareness.   

        NEVER expose personal body parts, piercings or tattoos.
        Don’t wear anything that is too big or too tight or too short.
        Shine your shoes
        Comb your hair
        Wear deodorant
        Clean your fingernails
        Fingernails should be short without adornments
        Tweeze anything that needs to be tweezed
        Think accessories – a conservative outfit can easily be changed to show you as being
                creative and trendy by adding the right accessories.  
        Be cautious.  When in doubt, it is better to err on the side of conservative.
        Check your clothes for signs of wear, for tags, and for loose threads.
        No missing buttons and no stains
        Keep your perfume or cologne use to a minimum or wear NONE at all.
        If you smoke, don’t smell like it.
        Finish your breath mint before entering the building.
        Women should carry a small briefcase/business-like tote bag or a purse.   Not both.
        A Padfolio is preferred over a briefcase.
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