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I like to use the analogy of the vacationer.  You have 3 weeks for vacation.
 You live on the East Coast, in New York, and you want to go to California,
on the West Coast.  Chances are good that if you just jumped in your car
and headed west, you would eventually reach California.   It may actually
be a pleasant experience with only a few instances of anxiety or
nervousness at being lost.  However, if you take too long or overspend on
the way, you do risk running out of money before you reach California.  

I equate this to starting a job search without a plan.  If you just randomly
called people and checked periodically for open jobs online, you will
eventually find a job.  But how long will it take and will your finances suffer?

Instead, you use your GPS and leave New York with a map and a plan.  
You could get to California in as little as 3 days with a direct route and little
to no sleep.  You could take a little longer if you stretched out the trip.   

Same principle applies to the job search.  With a mapped out plan, you
could get to the job offer so MUCH faster.

You would not plan a trip across country without a map.  Why would you
consider embarking onto the next two or three or five years of your life
without a plan.

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