iPrep - intensive
interview preparation!
one hour - by phone

By appointment only.     $89.00

Do it today - Get Hired
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express,  
Discover or e-checks through paypal.
The charge may be shown as AMDG on your
banking or credit card statement.
This is the most competitive job market in recent history.
To Get Hired Today, You need to
STAND OUT among hundreds of other applicants!

The interview rules have changed.  
We don't look for jobs the way we used to.
No more faxing resumes. No more Personal Objectives.
No more grabbing the Sunday paper and circling classified ads.

You need to be much more prepared and better trained for your interview.

It's time for YOU to be interview-trained!

The iPrep Interview Program is a one-on-one session where you will
develop a powerful plan to prepare yourself for your upcoming interview.  
During this
one hour telephone session, you will learn a variety of
interview preparation tips and tactics.

Learn what you need to learn to get a job offer.
Get the Tips and Techniques that Differentiate You
The iPrep training program covers YOUR choice of over 20 key
interview topics including:

~  How to tell them that your skills match the job requirements
~  How to react to illegal interview questions
~  What questions are NOT acceptable to ask
~  What to wear depends on where you're going!
~  Your interview goals and how to achieve them
~  How to sell your positives, that are NOT on your resume
~  Salary Negotiations
iPrep Interview Preparation
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After you have registered, you will be sent, by email, a
course description which will include:

1) A topics checklist of OVER 20 topics to choose from.
YOU select which topics you would like to concentrate on!

2) A scheduling form with a list of available dates and times for
your session.  YOU choose the time that is best for you!

Please return your choices to Infoployment quickly
so that a program can be designed just for you, specific to your needs.

It's YOUR Lucky Day!
Your facilitator will be Diane Skullr

Diane Skullr has over 20 years of successful
staffing, recruiting and job placement experience
and has owned and managed a successful staffing
and search firm in California, until it sold in 2008.  

Diane Skullr was the State of California
Staffing Professional of the Year in 2002!

“The best candidate does NOT get the job.
All things being equal,
the BEST interviewer gets hired!”
Someone Finally Called You for an Interview!
Let's Get Ready Together!