5 Tips for Hiring a Social Media Consultant for Your Small Business

Chances are, you have been dipping into social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and you have been wanting
to do so much more. Yet, you are so busy working your daily business.  One of the biggest issues I find is that small businesses and
solo-operators do not have enough time to do it thoroughly, or to have enough expertise to get engaged effectively.  

Solution?   Hire a social media consultant.   Hire me!

Here are a few tips to look for when hiring a social media consultant.

When speaking with a potential social media consultant, remember that it is their job to draw attention to your business and to make
you look good – to further your plan for business branding.

1.        Passion: Are they passionate about social media?  Do they regularly engage in postings on Facebook and Twitter?  Is there
              LinkedIn profile up to date? Are they blogging? Are they keeping up with the latest trends and changes?
iBlog is written for Job Seekers. See my blog at www.infoployment.com/blog
              And sometimes it feels as if I live on Twitter and Facebook, which is a great place to be because there are so many people
                 there to talk to.  I would love to talk to them for you!
              Find my LinkedIn profile here:

2.        Professional: Are they professional and consistent in their posts and visually? Are they personable? When you read their posts,
           are they friendly and potentially representative of your company?

                   This is for you to decide.
              I will add that I ranked #39 in the Fast Company Magazine's 2010 Most Influential Person Online, Influence Project.
              Click here to find me on Facebook for
Diane Skullr and for Infoployment
              I am on Twitter is RedslipperJobs, OZMed, and Infoployment

3.        Time: Are they putting enough time into their own social media platforms and will they make a time commitment to yours?  

 Whatever time we agree to, I will commit to.  And more.  People don't have conversations on a set schedule, nor do they read
               or post during regular hours.  I will commit to responding in a timely manner to every inquiry.

4.        Price: Are their rates too cheap or too high? Determine your budget for social media and hire a consultant who will deliver the
              most bang for your buck.

              I can't promise to be the cheapest in price but I can promise that I will NEVER be cheap on quality.
             To move ahead and get pricing guidelines, please opt-in below or enter your email address.
              I promise, no spam... I hate spam too!

5.        Results: Are you confident that they will work hard for you?  Your social media consultant should be saving you time and
               bringing you results.  Be clear on what those results should be.

  I will work hard for you and whatever results we agree to, will be what you will get and more!

Thank you for this opportunity to present my services.
Please let me know how I can be of service to you!
Diane Skullr
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Social Media is the building of your brand over time in a relationship format.  It does take time and persistent contact to
develop trust online.  Web 2.0 is a 2 way conversational approach to marketing.  It is not direct advertisement, where ad
information is pushed out, but rather it is an invitation of sorts, letting people know of your expertise and asking them to
come to you.

People who chose to follow you on Twitter, or who Like your Fan Page on Facebook, or who connect to you on LinkedIn
have an interest in your services.  For whatever reason, they have come to you and have agreed to hear more about you and
to hear more from you with information or links to information that they want.

Your Social Media GOAL:  
  • Begin to develop name recognition in your niche market.
  • Establish an online presence for your Company.
  • Attract clients to your Company services.
  • Interact with those who want to know more to develop a relationship
  • Increase hits to your website

Hire Infoployment to handle this for you!
You don't have the time to do this and still do everything you must do to recover from the recession.
Yet, your company has to be "found" on the popular social media sites.

No one will call until you ask us to.
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So, you will need to confirm and possibly re-confirm that you really want this proposal.
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